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 Von Leon Equipment

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Von Leon Equipment Empty
PostSubject: Von Leon Equipment   Von Leon Equipment Icon_minitimeTue May 22, 2012 7:47 pm

Heya guys,
Since I can kill solo VL, I decided to sell some VL equipment. The price depends on amount of coins.

1 coin is 75m mesos
Current stock is 14 coins

Here is a price list:

Hat is 3 coins.
Overall is 3 coins.
Glove is 1 coin.
Shoes is 1 coin.
Cape is 1 coin.
Weapon is 5 coins.

I provide potential, so you won't destroy equip (with pot scroll).

And you also should provide platinum scissors of karma from cash shop (4k nx), otherwise you should pay 200m above.

The reason why you should buy VL equip is because VL gloves have 7 slots (as bwg) but they are for lvl120. So you can get good % of main stat in potential lines.
Something like this:
And VL weapon has pretty good base att.

Post your order with your IGN in this thread and I'll contact you in game.

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Von Leon Equipment

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